Running 444 miles

In April 2014, Flt Lts Rob Platt, Graeme Hunt and Tom Mountney will run 444 miles around the south of England to commemorate the 444 troops lost in Operation HERRICK. That is a staggering 17 marathons in 17 days.

All of us are C130J Hercules pilots and have carried many casualties in both Iraq & Afghanistan as well as completed the 1st part of the repatriation process. It is because of witnessing this first hand that we feel we should give something back to these extraordinary guys. Although we can’t help the troops who have died, we can help the ones who have been injured fighting for the safety of our country.

Running a mile for each of the troops that have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safer is the least that we can do to honour their memory so please, please, please give generously to make the cause worthwhile.

Please support us by making a donation to one of our chosen charities

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Latest News

12 05, 2014

Donations totals

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I have just added up the latest totals and am blown away by the numbers. Donations are as follows:

Help For Heroes: £18,831.04 (+ £4322.01 Gift Aid)

John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation: £1142.31 (+ £285.58 Gift […]

8 05, 2014

Latest Total

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I have just got around to adding up all the totals from the donations buckets and sponsorship forms and I am blown away by the total of £24,802.18 and the donations keep coming in!!!

You […]

3 05, 2014

Thank you

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who helped us out during our endurance endeavour. There are so many people involved in this task, not just the 3 of […]

1 05, 2014

Day 17 – Radcot – RAF Brize Norton

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The previous evening had been spent calculating distances and routes to ensure that we weren’t going to run short of the full distance but equally that we weren’t going to over-run by more than […]

1 05, 2014

Day 16 – Queen’s College Rec Ground, Oxford – Radcot

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The day began in confusion as Rob had woken early and was just looking at overnight donations when something caught his eye. He thought at first glance that there was a congratulations email from […]

28 04, 2014

Day 15 – RAF Benson – Queens College Rec, Oxford

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The slow start has become the norm now but it was great to be waved off by a load of the RAF Benson personnel. Thanks guys.

Wing Commander Garbutt came out to meet us today, […]

28 04, 2014

Day 14 – RMA Sandhurst – Benson

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It was very difficult to get going this morning ans so we decided to do our warm up on Sandhurst Camp which ended up adding a couple of Kms on to the day but […]

27 04, 2014

Day 13 – RAF Odiham – RMA Sandhurst

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This morning we welcomed Katherine Spiers and Kerry G-T to the support crew. We also welcome OC 47 Sqn as he comes to run the first few miles with us and Kerry runs on […]

27 04, 2014

Day 12 – Stonehenge – St. Mary Bourne

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Today was going to be a wet one from the beginning. Nobody even wanted to get out of the car at the start point but as per the previous day, we had an appointment […]

27 04, 2014

Day 11 – Blandford Camp – Fordingbridge

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Although it is now taking a while for us to get going, both Graeme and Tom seem to have new legs on them.

Nathan Jones came running with us for the whole day and later […]